Simple Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Simple Yoga Poses

Simple Yoga Poses

Doing yoga for stress relief is one of the most effective ways to move back into a calm frame of mind, and it can do it almost instantly. Yoga stretches and relaxes the body and calms the mind. It can change a crazy day to a peaceful one. It grounds, centers and puts you back inside your body so that you can accomplish what you need to do.

Child Pose

The calming child’s pose is a resting posture that can help quiet the mind, easing stress and anxiety while gently stretching the back. It’s also good for the nervous system and lymphatic system. It’s one of the key poses that you can come to in the middle of a class whenever you want to to relieve stress.

Puppy Pose

A cross between child’s pose and downward facing dog, the puppy pose is opens up your chest and corrects the posture. It provides a good stretch for your arms, hips and back (particularly the the upper portion) and invigorates the body while relieving it of stress caused by the hustles and bustles of our day to day life.

Half Standing Forward Fold

One of the moves of the basic Sun Salutation A, the forward fold provides an effective stretch for the whole body and also relieves you from mild depression and fatigue. This pose reverses the blood flow, so it tells your mind to just “hang out and chill”.

Eagle Pose

The active and empowering eagle pose can help ward off stress by improving concentration and balance, and also by opening up the shoulders, upper back and hips. Eagle is an empowerment pose because it releases tension in the shoulders, legs and back, and it does require focus for you to remain balanced in it.

Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose is the ultimate yoga position. It completely calms the mind, and positively stretches all parts of the body. Lie down with your face up, arms stretched and palms facing the ceiling; then release knees sideways as best as possible and then just breathe and relax.

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