Watermelon Juice Health Benefits

Watermelon Juice Health Benefits

Watermelon juice tops the list of the most refreshing drink in summers. This is because watermelon is thirst quenching and delicious fruit. Its high nutritional profile clearly means the fruit is extremely good for health. Watermelon is surprisingly good for you and recent research is showing that eating this sweet tasting melon, and particularly drinking it as fresh juice, can have some significant health benefits.

Here is a list of 6 watermelon juice benefits:

Watermelon Juice Health Benefits

Watermelon Juice Health Benefits

Improves heart condition

Water melon juice is capable of keeping your heart healthy. It contains a really good amount of potassium which is capable of fighting the various heart diseases and keeps it healthy. Water melon juice even contains arginine and amino acids which maintains blood flow, arteries and the entire cardiovascular functions. A study has even found that the citrulline in the juice improves your heart health.

Maintains Body Temperature

Since watermelon consists of over 90% water and 0.4gms of dietary fiber, it helps your body retain water and stay hydrated and cool thereby maintaining body temperature.

Cleanses your kidney

Drinking watermelon juice increases the water content in our body, which in turns increase our urine output. This way we are able to flush out the toxins from our body frequently. The regular cleansing of kidney also reduces the chances of formation of kidney stones.

Fights cancer

Consuming watermelon juice on a regular basis can also help fight cancer. This is because it is one of the best sources of lycopene. It is an antioxidant which is used for preventing and treatment of different types of cancer. According to some of the researches conducted, lycopene is beneficial in reducing breast, prostrate, colon, lung and endometrial cancer. That’s not all; it even contains vitamin C and Vitamin A, which plays a key role in protecting the cells from free radical damage. So, in order to protect the body from cancer, there is nothing like a glass of fresh watermelon juice every day.

Detox with Watermelon Juice

Adding water to watermelon juice acts as a detox agent and eliminates free radicals from the body thereby making your appear fresh and healthy. It naturally acts as a detox helping you flush out the toxins.


The rich beta-carotene and vitamin C content in this big fruit do wonders in quenching inflammation that contributes to conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

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