Top 6 Health Benefits Of Cycling Every Day

Cycling is a low impact exercise that offers a wide range of physical as well as mental health benefits. It is an easy exercise that helps you to lose weight, allows you to enjoy the natural environment and provides you with a sense of enjoyment. Also, this exercise is not limited to people of any specific age group.

Effective Health Benefits Of Cycling:

Health Benefits Of Cycling

Health Benefits Of Cycling

Stable Blood Pressure

Cycling can reduce the systolic and diastolic components of our blood pressure by an average of 9 points and 11 points respectively. Now that is quite significant, given the fact that a high blood pressure can lead to diabetes. Thus, cultivating this healthy habit of cycling regularly can reduce one’s susceptibility to diabetes.

Improves Mental Health

Exercises are great stress busters, and they are known to improve mental health; the best being cycling outdoors. Even though you may start the ride feeling stressed; your mind will tend to relax as you zoom away on your bicycle with wind in your face. Not hair, because your helmet is covering it. People who ride bicycle regularly are at lower risk of being victims of depression, anxiety, panic attacks or stress. They often have higher self esteem and feel confident about their health and fitness.

Stress Reduction

Cycling regularly rids the body of Cortisol, the stress hormone. This exercise, consequently reduces stress and depression substantially and rejuvenates the mind. Mental Stress and lack of sleep are often inter linked. Sleeping even an hour less at night than what is recommended can lead to a significant jump in Cortisol levels. In fact, Stanford University researchers have found out that cyclists are more likely to have a regular and healthy sleep than others and have lesser instances of insomnia.

Tons of Stamina & Toned Physique

It is worth mentioning that, like swimming, cycling is a wholesome activity which entails the exertion of muscles in different parts of the body, not just the legs. Regular cycling strengthens the leg muscles and enhances the mobility of knee and hip joints. This exercise also leads to increased muscle co-ordination and sustains it over a longer period in our lifetime.

Live Longer With Cycling

Experts agree that regular cycling allows you to live longer and healthier. If you cycle regularly, you are at lower risk of developing obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attack. This in turn, improves the quality of life you are leading.

Makes You Look Younger

Another advantage of cycling is that it makes you look younger. When you cycle regularly, the circulation system delivers more nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells. At the same time, it flushes out toxins from the body. All these in turn, improve texture of the skin. Experts also state that exercising encourages the body to reduce production of the wrinkles, enhances collagen production and increases healing process.

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