Best Yoga Poses For Eating Disorders

Eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia nervosa, and compulsive eating are emotional disorders. Individuals who struggle with any of these eating disorders often binge eat. Eating disorder treatments involve group, individual or family psychotherapy, medication, nutrition counseling, medical observation, and in some cases, hospitalization. So how beneficial is it to augment these treatment options with a gentle discipline such as yoga?

Yoga for Eating Disorders

Yoga for Eating Disorders

Yoga can contribute to the recovery process of Eating disorders in a variety of ways, and a number of studies have shown that it can improve symptoms of sufferers when used along with standard therapy. Yoga has long been a popular therapy in integrative approaches due to its physiological and psychological benefits. For a variety of patients suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating yoga can provide a deep sense of peace and relaxation, reduce their preoccupation with food, and improve symptoms of their disorder. Here is a little more about these terms, followed by the different yoga poses that can combat eating disorders.

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is one of the most basic poses in yoga. Stand tall in it, breathing deeply and feeling your connection to the earth. Imagine that you’ve rooted yourself down into the ground, where you feel stable and safe.

Warrior One

Warrior one is a wonderful pose that can help you to feel connected and strong. Breathe deeply while in this pose, finding grounding in your feet and lifting through your arms. Imagine the color red flowing into your root chakra as you hold the pose.


Bridge isn’t just a great way to strengthen your glutes and core, it is also thought to be good for releasing excess energy from the root chakra. Breathe deeply as you hold the pose.


If you’re interested in yoga and eating disorders, you may find crab pose helpful. Similar to the previous poses, this one can help you to focus on your root chakra.


Pigeon is a great way to loosen up and open the hips. Try to keep your hips square as you relax into the pose. As with all of these yoga poses for eating disorders, breathe deeply into your root chakra.


Locust pose is known as a good strengthening pose that can help to prepare you for more intense backbends. As you do it, pay attention to your body. Don’t push further than feels good.

Goddess Pose

Goddess pose is a powerful and challenging pose that has a variety of physical benefits. Additionally, it can help you to feel a greater sense of self-acceptance and strength by connecting with your root chakra, which makes it great to include when you’re doing yoga to overcome an eating disorder.

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