Best Valentines Day Party Ideas 2015

Best Valentines Day Party Ideas 2015

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to throw a fun party. Valentine’s Day parties play a great role in enhancing intimacy and close-relationship, between lovers, spouses, and families of neighborhood and beyond. Families of relatives remain closely connected with greater affinity and interest towards you and your family, through giving them exclusive chance to be in your company on occasions like Valentine’s Day parties. A Valentine’s Day party is so special that you can invite to it the families (particularly husband and wife) of your long contact list of friends, relatives, neighborhood families, colleagues, co-workers, high officials, business clients, and so on. Bachelors, too, can organize such parties indoor or outdoor, for the above mentioned noble and generous objectives.

Best Valentines Day Party Ideas 2015

Best Valentines Day Party Ideas 2015


Valentine’s Day is the special day for couples where they plan intimate dinners and romantic nights. So, if you are planning to throw a Valentine’s Day bash for friends, do not mind if the couples arrive late to the party or leaves early, since many may want to have a private romantic date earlier or later in the evening. While planning a party for Valentine’s Day, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to make romantic party invitations. You can choose to make the party invitation for all couples, all singles or a combination of the two.


Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to decorate your abode in the most romantic way and convey it to your beloved how much he/she means to you. Decorating your home for Valentine’s Day is a great way to add romance and beauty to your love nest. Decoration for Valentines Day requires some attention to minute details, as everything you do is intended to express something. Valentine’s Day decoration becomes a bit hyped, if you are throwing a party and calling all friends and relatives. It also depends on what kind of party you are throwing. Read on further for ideas on how to make romantic party decorations for Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day Party Games

Various recreational and fun-filled activities, and Valentine’s Day party games, make the Valentine’s Day parties wholesome, complete, and satisfying. Valentine’s Day party games should be highly recreational, lively, romantic, decent, intelligent, and essentially fun-filled. The ultimate objective of Valentine’s Day party games is to provide the couples enjoyment and chances to be light-hearted, candid, and more considerate to the feelings of others. Selection of Valentine’s Day party games are made depending on the space requirement, age and temperament of guests, instruments or equipments needed, availability of children, etc.

Valentine’s Day Tea Party

A Valentine’s Day tea party is a fun themed party for young children. Have children come dressed in Valentine’s Day themed colors or in a fancy dress or suit. Bake heart-shaped cookies and serve red fruit punch or tint Sprite with food coloring. Be sure to offer chocolates for dessert and set the table with appropriately colored table setting, which can include pink napkins, red colored plates, and white plastic cutlery. Add a fun centerpiece to the table, which may be a heart spray or a simple heart-shaped balloon.

Decide Menu

For a Valentine’s Day party, appetizers and finger foods are perfect. Crudités with ranch dipping sauce is always a classic choice. Also try shrimp cocktail, miniature smoked sausages with Dijon mustard, bowls of potato chips and pretzels, bacon wrapped scallops and cheese paired with whole wheat crackers. For dessert, go for serving size strawberry shortcake, cupcakes, heart shaped cookies and gourmet chocolates. Beverages can include champagne, red and white wine, and non-alcoholic punch.

Organizing an office Christmas party

How to Organize A Christmas Party for Your Office

Being shouldered with the responsibility of organising your office Christmas party can often be a thankless task and you’re under huge pressure to ensure everyone enjoys their one big office day/night from the year. How you go about organising the food, refreshments and entertainment for any Christmas party will depend on the tastes of those coming and the organisational culture from the office, but there are some basic rules that you need to follow to make the party memorable for the right reasons and to cure it being remembered for the wrong reasons.

However,with a few key skills you can use this situation to your benefit. You have been given a golden opportunity to show your planning abilities, to focus on how well you can organize an event and to demonstrate your communication skills.

Organizing an office Christmas party

Organizing an office Christmas party

Set the Date

At your Christmas party you’ll want as many employees to appear as possible. Again, start early and spread the word. Send out a mass email with a few suggested dates and select the date that fits with the majority. You’ll should also ensure it’s a date that fits using the boss.

Work out the budget

It’s very important that when you start your planning the Christmas party, that you know exactly what the budget it. Make sure you speak to your boss to see how much continues to be set aside. It’s also worth finding out if the party will be taken care of in full by the business, or maybe employees are expected to put something for the party. If so it’s a good idea to tell your friends as soon as possible. Once you have your budget you’ll be able to work out a suitable venue, theme and menu for that evening. By finding this out first of all, there’s no worry that you will have everything booked simply to realise there isn’t the money to pay for it!

Leave plenty of time to prepare

It’s never too early to start thinking about planning the Office Christmas party – particularly if it’s your job to organise it! Even now in September, plenty of venues take bookings for Christmas proving that most people are already thinking ahead towards the big festive social occasion. By providing yourself plenty of time to research ideas, ask the venues questions regarding the parties, you lessen the stress you would feel should you be leaving it to the last second. You will be able to have more choice within the type of venue, food and theme you would like for your Christmas party as it is not as likely that places will be fully booked now, than in December!


Once you’ve settled the date and organised the place you can begin to send out invitations. If you want to cut costs you can get away with delivering an email invitation to all employees if however family or plus ones are invited along then you’ll have to send out a hard copy. Ensure that your invitation includes an RSVP deadline and dietary requirement inquiries to avoid any hiccups. It’s additionally a good idea to send out an indication a day or so before the party.

The Menu

This part is comparatively easy if your venue is really a restaurant, if not hire a caterer to organize the menu and always make sure you know everyone’s dietary needs, ensuring all of us have something to eat. If you’re using a more formal sit down meal as opposed to a buffet or cocktail style event, it’s smart to have some kind of seating arrangement. Mix things up and get people to mingle with other people as well as making them feel comfortable with people in their own team.


Some company Christmas parties go entirely without alcohol nowadays, ensuring a happy and safe environment, if however you’re planning on serving alcohol you’ll have to plan in advance what you’ll be serving and just how you’ll be paying. Your budget will determine if you can open a free bar or cash only bar. It’s a good idea and a nice touch to provide taxi vouchers to those drinking to make sure everyone stays safe.

Giving gifts

It’s always a good idea to check with other people what kind of gift exchange they’d like and just what they expect from the Holiday party. The annual Christmas party isn’t time to give out anything too costly or lavish. Opt instead to have an organised Kris Kringle or even a group charity donation where everyone pitches in. Should you choose decide on a Kris Kringle type gift exchange, choose a budget and make sure everyone knows what it’s.

Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

Though the temptation to stay inside in the wintertime is always strong, it’s worth wrapping up and hitting the great outdoors to determine what winter delights you’ll find. From rainy days to snow and sunshine, there are many innovative ideas to educate, entertain and inspire this winter.

Treasure Hunts and Tag

Treasure hunts will also be a great way to get the neighborhood kids running around. See if they can’t find certain items round the neighborhood. If it’s really snowy, you may can get them to identify certain neighborhood items under that white blanket. Or send the children out for a game of tag or capture the flag. Giving them a reason to run around will keep them warm and happy through the winter months.

Go Ice Skating

Winter Activities for Kids

Winter Activities for Kids

Nothing says the holiday season like bundling up the kids, lacing around the skates, and taking a spin around the ice. Most cities have annual ice rinks that open when the winter season hits. Take the family out for a day downtown and finish it up by showing your moves on the ice and getting the family running around.

Winter sports

You may already be making plans for skiing and/or snowshoeing trips, but even though you aren’t, I’m pretty sure you will make time to perform some sledding. You can always spice up this simple pleasure with a few unique twists. Help your children formulate their own family “Olympic” winter games with awards for fastest speed, farthest distance, quantity of trips backwards, etc. Prizes could be simple certificates placed on the fridge for repeat viewing.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are picking up in popularity, and resorts are speckled across the country. Get out and active by going to the mountains where you can practice your talent on the slopes and then hit the clubhouse for many hot chocolate and good conversation at the end of a long, jam-packed day of activity.

Snowpeople Plus

As the first few snowmen of the year are certainly exciting to create, by the middle of winter, the piles of frosty white stuff might not hold the same appeal because it did in mid-December. Bust the boredom of the same old outdoor winter snowman by sculpting another subject. Develop a snowwoman, snow animals, dinosaurs or objects such as cars or trains within the snow. If your child is having trouble sculpting the snow freehand, try using themed cake or gelatin molds. Fill the molds with snow, turn on them and release for a cool and crafty snow sculpture.

Winter rounders

A great game for those sunny, blue-skied winter days – rounders will give you plenty of fun for all the family. You can set new rules for example jogging/skipping or hula-hooping on the spot at each base or doing laps down and up the park for any spectators. This will add a new element of fun towards the game and more importantly, keep everyone warm! Have a big flask of cocoa plus some snacks as a treat at the end.

Printable Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Halloween is a great way to involve your children while ringing in the celebratory mood. Making your son or daughter do some Halloween crafts will double up his joy along with enthusiasm. These crafts are great to make and your child is likely to indulge while showing off his many talents on the way.

Here are some Printable Halloween craft ideas that the child can make at home beneath your guidance. Make sure you invest equal participation and spirit while creating these Halloween delights.

Kids Halloween Crafts:-

Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Witches Hats Craft

Make your own unique witches hats. With some construction paper and just a few minutes, this project is ready for little fingers! Eliminate the main pieces and watch as the kids assemble and decorate their very own witch hat.

Halloween Mobile Craft

With only a few items you probably already have, create this fun Halloween mobile to display in your home. Your kids will have a “scary” time making the pieces with this project.

Tissue Paper Pumpkin Craft

Turn tissue paper into a beautiful sun catcher craft with this particular cute Halloween craft. This tissue paper pumpkin craft is simple enough for even young toddlers to complete and it looks fantastic hanging within the window as a homemade Halloween decoration.

Egg Carton Spider

Turn an egg carton cup into a spooky spider with this classic egg carton spider craft. This cute Halloween craft for preschoolers is simple to do and kids love it. Create a whole dozen of them to hold around the house to make cute Halloween decorations.

Footprint Ghost

Every now and then we do a craft that our daughter asks to complete over and over again and this footprint ghost craft is one of them. This is a fantastic preschool Halloween craft for kids and it makes a wonderful method to capture how small your child’s footprint is this year. This cute ghost craft constitutes a great homemade Halloween decoration as well.

Egg Carton Spider

Egg Carton Spider

Paper Plate Pumpkin

Here is a simple, but classic craft for kids during the Halloween season. This one is a good one for smaller children since its really quite simple, but its a fun one that allows kids to experience with paint and are proud of their personally created paper plate pumpkin.

Christmas Party Games for Children 2014

Christmas party games for children will add to the magic of the holidays and keept your young guests entertained and happy. Here are some suggestions for new twists on old favorites.

Christmas Pictionary

Get the children in groups. Have one child from each group visit the adult in the centre of the room. The adult whispers towards the chosen children a christmas word for example ‘angel’, the children then go back to their groups and have a go at drawing an angel. All other children within the group have to guess what continues to be drawn. As soon as a child guesses correctly, another child from that group would go to the adult and gets another word. And so on. The winning group is the first group to guess all words out there correctly.

Christmas Games for Kids

Christmas Games for Kids

Reindeer Run

Get the children to put a bit of petroleum jelly on their noses. Give each child a red circle to use their nose. Now you’ll have lots of little reindeers. Have the children take part in races and relays as reindeers and find out who can get the furthest before the nose falls off. When the nose falls off, the kids have to stop where it fell.

Fish for a star

Before the party, create a fishing line using a broom stick and some string, place a magnet around the end of the string. Make some cardboard stars (or get the children to make their own) and hook a paper clip over each star. Get the kids to take it in turns to get the stars using the fishing pole magnet that you follow the paperclips.

Fun with Candy Canes

Play “Pass the Candy Cane.” Divide children into two teams, and give every child a candy cane. Let them know to hold it between their fingers, holding the hook upside down. Have them form two straight lines. Hook a candy cane around the first child in each line’s cane and instruct these to pass the cane down the line. The team that makes it to the end from the line without dropping the cane wins. You may also use the candy canes as fish hooks. Fill two buckets with toys and candy. Players will have to use a candy cane to hook the objects and lift them in the bucket.

Christmas Cookie Time

Instead of a gift exchange, consider holding a cookie swap at the party. Have children bring two dozen of their favorite Christmas cookies, preferably homemade. Set each plate of cookies up for grabs and let guests pick from each plate. Provide plates and cellophane to wrap the cookies in. You can also blindfold each child and feed them a cookie, asking to identify what type of cookie it’s. Before you do so, make sure you are aware of any allergies guests might have.

Wrapping Paper Games

Have a relay race to see which team can unwrap probably the most presents in the shortest period of time. Wrap several empty cereal boxes and divide them into two piles. Have two teams line up. The first person in each line runs towards the pile of boxes, grabs one, unwraps it and discards the paper. The paper must land in the trash can. The first person then runs to his team and passes the unwrapped to another player. The player runs, unwraps a box and runs back. The sport continues until no boxes remain. Teams may also have a contest to see who are able to wrap up a teammate like a present the fastest. Read more>>