Ideas For Decorating Bathroom Walls

A bathroom is now looked upon more than just a place where one goes to freshen up and have a wash. It is amongst the most well-planned sections of the house like any other room. Design ideas for bathroom walls can range from the basic to the funky kinds. Here, we will take a look at the basics of bathroom tile design ideas, which will reveal how to tile a bathroom in your new home.

Some Ideas For Your Bathroom Walls

Design Ideas for Bathroom Walls

Design Ideas for Bathroom Walls

Wooden walls

Wooden walls will conjure a comfy rustic feel to your bathroom. Just imagine slipping into a warm tub and feasting your eyes on those wooden walls, sigh! One can’t possibly have a more relaxed experience than this. From wooden paneled walls that lend a modern appeal to blue drywalled walls for imbuing the space with interesting vibe, you can use wooden walls to create an interesting interplay of textures and forms.

Retro walls

Exposed brick wall will make a striking feature in your bathroom and will bring about an element of history in your bathroom space. Retro-inspired exposed brick walls will bathe your bathroom with a lot of character and will make for one dominating feature of your bathroom. You can choose to enhance your retro walls with elegant bathtub or vanity. If you want to keep it minimal, you can just adorn your walls with a vintage-inspired mirror or even an artwork.

Oceanic hues

If you want to maintain a tranquil and coastal mood all year round in your bathroom, then all you need to do is paint those bathroom walls with oceanic hues. Greens, blues, whites, beach glass, or something welcoming like soft coral will give your bathroom an impressive beach-like feel. If you want something impulsive or dynamic for your bathroom walls, you can opt for color blocking; there are endless oceanic hues that you can paint your bathroom walls with and meld them with complementing accessories.

Other Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom mat: This is one of the most important essentials of a bathroom. A bathroom mat should not be slippery and must have water suction quality to avoid accidents. Bathroom mat cleans the feet and also prevents dirt from entering the bathroom and sticking on the tiles.

Towels: A bathroom should have a clean towel every time. You can keep towels in the towel rod or roll them and keep on the dry basin slab. Instead of using white towels, go for dark colours which can be cleaned easily and are colourful too! You can use designer towels. Always fold them before hanging in the rod. If you are rolling the towels, keep a small flower over it to spread the aroma!

Mirror: Every bathroom decor should include a mirror. You require a mirror while shaving, bathing and dressing up! Beautiful designer mirrors are available in the market to help decorate the bathroom. Prefer fog free mirrors and place it above the wash basin or near the shower.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Christmas 2015

Christmas is celebrated with great zeal and passion in many counties of the world. Celebrated on December 25th every year, this day commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the father of Christianity. As this is the biggest celebrations in any Christian family, the entire home is decorated like a palace this day. Christmas tree, feast, dance, champagne, gifts and twinkling lights are inevitable parts of Christmas celebrations. The colors of joy, passion and enthusiasm also adore a Christmas celebration venue. Apart from the virtual colors of joy and fervor, the vivacious decoration of the Christmas celebrations makes it a bright, vivacious and dazzling festival. The decorations for Christmas are incomplete without a proper lighting.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas lights that you put up outdoors are very important. These lighting ideas makes your house look festive from outside. Usually the houses within a locality compete with each other for putting up the best outdoor Christmas lights. It is not necessary that the family that spends a lot of money gets the best Outdoor Christmas decorations. It is your lighting ideas that matter. If you can think of some really creative ways to put of Christmas lights outdoor, you need not spend an extravagant amount of money. In fact, the rope lights, fairy lights and props from last years’ stock too can be used imaginatively to make your house look grand.

Most often, people use themes like Christmas candy, Santa Claus and snow man to devise their lighting ideas. You too must ensure that you drive home the ‘Christmas’ feeling in your decorations. Lights are a very beautiful tool to express your creativity. You too can express and spread your happy festive mood while decorating with lights.

Christmas Lighting Ideas:

  • The most common color combinations appropriate for the Christmas season include red, green and copper lights that denote festivity; blue and green lights for more subdued arrangements; novelty combinations such as blue and red lights; and mauve, blue and copper lights.
  • While you can use a combo of as many as five colors for coniferous trees, use not more than three colors for deciduous trees.
  • Any color of light used with white does not show itself well, so if are planning to use white lights, stick to the monochromatic scheme.
  • Use low watt bulbs for strings and indoor light decoration but you will need high watt bulbs for outdoor decorations and lights that will be viewed from a distance.
  • Dip the socket end of the light bulb in petroleum jelly before fitting it into the socket string. This will prevent corrosion in the socket and will make it easier to pull out the bulb from it later.
  • Tape all connections well with electrical tape to avoid short-circuits.
  • Lights installed on the trees to keep up with its growth look quite graceful.
  • Do not try to climb the branches of the tree you want to decorate. Use stepladder instead.
  • Work on the tree from top to bottom and from inside to outside for ease of work and safety purposes.

Best Things To Do Before Christmas

Pre-Christmas preparation can be really hectic. There’s so much to organise at home for Christmas and the time seems to be ticking away too quickly. So how will you manage to de-clutter the house and prepare for Christmas in such a short time span? Not to worry. We bring you things to do before Christmas that will help you plan the festivity with ease.

These simple and quick tips will teach you to stop the clutter, clean and organise your home before the guests start visiting your house for Christmas. Apart from this, you will also understand how to gear up for any another big day at your house. Your only focus now should be to get your house ready for the festive season.

Best Things To Do Before Christmas

Best Things To Do Before Christmas

Decorate the House

This is one of the important things to do before Christmas. Decorate your house for Christmas once you have de-cluttered it. Plan which rooms you want to decorate for Christmas and keep the items ready. The responsibility to decorate certain sections of the house can be divided among the family members. This way you can finish up the decorations on time.

Menu Planning

Start finalising the menu for Christmas. In case you are planning some special dishes for the festive day, make sure you know what food item is required and what you will be needing to prepare it. Check your kitchen pantry for the available items and then make a shopping list for the food items. This is one of the important things to do before Christmas.


Christmas Party Themes

If you’ve planned to host the Christmas party at your home this year, then you need to do something different. Sure the traditional green and red color themed party idea is alright, but let’s face it, it is a little predictable (don’t look shocked).

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Deck up your Christmas tree along with your family members and let the festive mood set in. It will be one of the fun-filled and stress-busting activity for you and your family.

Christmas Party Games

Christmastime is a time of celebration and cheer. Moreover, to share the joy of Christ’s birth in this world, to save us sinners, we invite people over. There’s nothing like spending Christmas with friends and family. Some people host quiet dinners, while others throw parties. Parties require fun activities to keep the energy going. Planning some party games would be a good idea to raise the energy levels of the guests.

Kids Birthday Party Decorations Ideas

Kids’ birthday parties essentially need to be fun-filled. If you are planning one for your little boy or girl then this article will help you to do this efficiently. Here are some amazing ideas about how to make this event a fun and joyous experience for you kids and their friends. The main things you need to remember are to include a fun theme, exciting games, delicious food, attractive favors, beautiful decorations, and of course, the birthday gift for your little one.


Decorations must definitely go according to the theme. Have a centerpiece or a poster as a focal point that will highlight the theme. Also, make sure the colors used are highlighting the theme. For example, in a ladybug theme, have more of red and black all over the room. You can opt for balloons, streamers, satin or metallic ribbons, decorative fabric pieces, all available in the required colors for the decorations that will complement the theme.

Kids Birthday Party Decorations Ideas

Kids Birthday Party Decorations Ideas

Movie Theme

If your child loves Toy Story, or if they like Spongebob, you can use these as the basis for the party and decor. You can find every single major character in any party supply store, so it won’t be too hard for you to find the items to decorate the home and your yard with. Additionally, you can hire a person to come dressed as the character if you have younger kids in the home and at the party. Or, if you are doing this theme for an older child, you may want to consider a party where they can dress up as one of the characters from the movie that the party is going to be based around, giving them a fun way to celebrate, and to show off their creative side at the party as well.

Music Theme

You can set up a jukebox, music banners, posters, or have a karaoke contest. A diner theme is also a fun option, with old chairs, and a milkshake machine, will add to the fun. There are several decades of music you can replicate, and you can find several fun games that kids can enjoy to compete in, when you decide on this theme for the next party that you are going to host.


For the child that believes in fantasy, or the true Harry Potter fan, this is the perfect idea. You can have table linens and other settings that have lightning bolts on them.Capes, moons, stars, are all perfect and simple to make. You can have a wizard lair and other fun rooms set up in the home, to mimic a favorite movie or character that your child loves as well, so you can easily set the theme.

Hidden Treasures

If you have the adventurous child, this is another great idea. You can do a pirate theme, or simply have fun games that the kids can play, and hidden prizes that they can find around the home and yard. Depending on the theme you choose, you can use pirate ships and flags, or stuffed animals to create a zoo theme.

Dino Theme

If you have a child that loves dinosaurs, this is another great option. You can go with all green, you can find posters, and make fun shaped food like dino eggs, which the kids will love. Table wear and other banners and decor can easily be found at any party supply store that you visit, when you choose this theme.

Top 5 Tips for Caring for House Plants

If you are thinking of brightening up your home with houseplants there are a number of things to consider, such as will they get enough sunlight, do you have pets that may disturb them and is there always someone home to water them regularly? If you have not had houseplants before or you’re worried that your fingers are not green enough to care for them, don’t worry, these tips will help you and your houseplants survive.

Some want bright light, some thrive in shades and likewise. So, for keeping the plants lively and green, you must be aware of proper ways to take care of house plants. There are many ways to take care of house plants. To help you, some tips to care for house plants are mentioned here.

Tips for Caring for House Plants

Tips for Caring for House Plants

Watering Tricks

Every plant needs water to make their food. But you must know the proper way to water them. There is a whole in every pot to drain the water. So water plants until it comes out of the whole. Never drown your plant as excess water can rot the roots.l


Heating in our homes dries out the air to desert-like conditions.During the summer most homes (without air conditioning) have humidity levels in the 40-60% range. This is Perfect for indoor plants. It is dry enough to inhibit fungus, but moist enough to keep them comfortable. During the winter however, with our heaters blazing, it is common for humidity to drop below 30%. Desert air has 10-30% humidity…much too dry for all but the cactus and succulents. Rooms, such as the bathroom or kitchen, which tend to have a little higher humidity, are a little more plant friendly. If you want to keep your plants in drier areas, there are some things you can do; adding a humidifier to a room will definitely help, but there are easier ways.

Rest and Feeding

Just like people, plants need rest too. After a long season of growing new leaves, branches or perhaps flowers, plants need a break during the winter. You may notice plants that all summer had shiny new leaves will suddenly start to lose a few leaves as the days get shorter. Perhaps the leaves start to turn yellow in the middle of the plant, or maybe they simply look dull and not as happy as they did in the spring and summer.


There are some plants like snake plant or cast iron plant which can survive well in shadow. So, keep them behind the curtain or corner of your room. But maximum plants want brightness for photosynthesis and mainly at the time of blooming. Therefore, bright corners are important for them.

Keep Your Plants Clean

Do you like to be dirty? Your plants also don’t like dirt. Moreover, layer of dirt prevents sunlight. So, if you see dust on your plants, give them a shower with lukewarm water. If you have plants with large pots, sprinkle water from a spray bottle or wipe those with a sponge or smooth piece of cloth.

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom is the coziest place in a house regardless of its size. Designing and furnishing a small bedroom can be a challenge. So, it becomes important to put a bit of thinking while placing furniture in a small bedroom.

A small bedroom can be quite a challenging proposition if you don’t want your favorite space in the house cramped for room or style. However, it can be compact and still be beautiful if a correct balance of elements is struck. Mini bedrooms no longer need to be seen as a cause for discomfort or a diminished sense of ease. After all, it is all about techniques and tricks of saving and enlarging space, or the feel of it, wherever possible. The idea is to make a less than regularly sized bedroom feel bigger, more spacious, brighter and more airy. A smart use of the color palette for the walls, flooring and furnishings as well as well-chosen furniture and décor do the needful.

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Paint Shades

Choose paint shades for wall that will give you a calming effect in the night and make you feel refreshed throughout the day. Best bedroom wall shades are white, cream and beige. Avoid dark colours; they will give the room a closeted look.


The focal point of any bedroom is obviously the bed. While furnishing a small bedroom, keep in mind that the bed is also the biggest space occupying object in the room, hence a smaller but comfortable bed is the right furniture in a small bedroom to create the illusion of space. Buying a low-level bed is another way of making the bed seem smaller than it actually is. The modern, sleek beds are more compact than the traditional beds and hence, are good options for decorating a bedroom. For kids’ bedroom, you can have bunk beds and chests cum tables for storage. Moving on from beds to other bedroom furniture, shop for closets and dressers which are long and take up minimum of the floor space.


Fix lighting close to your bed. You may also consider installing lights without affecting other items. Avoid floor lamp to evade unnecessary consumption of space and instead go for wall lamps. This is one of the best small bedroom ideas to make it spacious and comfortable.

Have Smart Storage

Ensure that you have enough smart storage. If you have the budget, have your cabinets customized so that awkward spaces won’t exist. This way, you can optimize the space of your room, however small it may be.

Use Sheer Curtains

In one of our articles, we recommended allowing natural light to enter your room so that it will become bright and look larger. Dark rooms give the illusion that it is narrower and less spacious. Aside from that, the sunshine will just lift your mood up. Better lose the curtains during early mornings to even create the effect that there’s no boundary between your room and the outdoors.


Go for high level cabinets for storing items. These cabinets should have enough space to store clothes and other items. This is a good trick for small bedroom furniture.

Best Outdoor Security Cameras for Home Security

Best Outdoor Security Cameras for Home Security

Home is the most precious thing for most of the people. The reason for this is the love for our home and the huge cost involved in buying various items to make it look beautiful. We also need protection for valuable things like cash, jewelry and important documents. Security cameras can assure you this much-needed safety. These cameras are available in different shapes, sizes and designs.

These cameras have either black and white, or colored monitor screens. Buying wireless security cameras for your home will be costlier than the normal ones. However, these cameras are easy to install and good for day-to-day use. You can get your home security camera routed to your laptop to keep a close eye on your house and catch the person who commits any theft. The cameras are fixed in a location which is discreet and proper to monitor the room.

Types of Security Cameras

Best Outdoor Security Cameras for Home Security

Best Outdoor Security Cameras for Home Security

There is a wide variety of security cameras, and each one serves a different purpose. From fixed cameras to pan and tilt cameras, night vision cameras to motion detection cameras, there are security cameras for nearly every scenario.

Wireless Camera

These days, most security cameras are wireless. Wireless surveillance cameras connect to your security system through an internet connection and are very easy to set up. Usually, you can customize your wireless security cameras and control them from a smart phone or computer. The benefit of wireless security cameras is that they do not have to be wired into the home to communicate with the alarm system.

Exterior or Outdoor Camera

Exterior cameras likely have night vision elements and are weather-proof. These cameras are important for observing who is at the door without opening it, seeing what is going on outside the home, or viewing your front or back yard.

Night Vision Camera

Night vision cameras use infrared technology to illuminate poorly lit areas and record footage at night.

Motion Detection Camera

Motion detection cameras can start recording?or start taking pictures?when they sense movement, so you don’t record hours of useless footage. Some motion detection cameras, like some pan and tilt cameras, can lock in on a moving object and follow it.

Dome Camera

These cameras are dome-shaped and often used indoors. Some dome cameras have infrared lighting and can be designed to be tamper-proof. Dome cameras are commonly pan-tilt-zoom capable and, because of the tinted dome that shields the camera, most people are unable to tell if the camera is currently facing them or not.

Computer Based Systems

Computer based systems are basically specific hardware and software, with the help of which one can convert their computers into a security and surveillance system. Through the help of a special card, one can use the computer to survey the house, as well as record the display on a disk drive.

Lighting Staircase Design Ideas

Lighting Staircase Design Ideas

In modern interior design, a staircase is always a focal point and is almost always accompanied by beautiful accent lighting meant to highlight its sculptural and exquisite design. Staircase lighting increases a home’s value, adds to its aesthetic appeal and can improve safety and reduce energy usage.

A excellent tip for when you are designing a light plan for your staircases, especially if space is an issue; try opting for a flush ceiling or wall fitting as opposed to a pendant light or wall light fitting with a large protrusion. This simple technique will go a long way toward providing the illusion of more space as well as providing desirable and stylish light in the more confined parts of the home. Another great way of providing effective light is recessed lighting. Recessed lights can be fitted in most modern homes along the skirting rail on the landing or even up and down the stairs. If you have an open staircase, fitting recessed lighting to wash a warm glow over each stairs tread will have an instant dramatic effect and done correctly can prove extremely stylish.

Lighting Staircase Design Ideas

Lighting Staircase Design Ideas

Decorative Stairway Lights

One of the most popular choices in stairway lighting today is the decorative light. These types of fixtures are usually recessed into the stairway runner, so that they are flush and out of the way. A popular style of decorative stairway light is the LED. Energy cost is at an all time low with LED lights and they are cool to the touch. They typically come in different colors and are very bright.

Lighting ideas for your staircase are:

Star shaped lights: Star lights can be installed on the wall near the staircase. This staircase lighting needs to be in a star shaped design which will only let out the light from four small spaces. This Staircase lighting idea will ignite your home and make it look heavenly at night.

Rectangle shape lights: You can place rectangle shaped lights built into the wall which will be adjacent to the staircase. Rectangle shaped staircase lighting is the best since it goes well with the shape of the stairs.

Knob lights: This type of staircases lighting idea resembles that of a door knob. The knob lights are placed at regular intervals of the railings. This lighting will provide brightness and make the home look spacious too.

Flower Wood shape lights: If your staircases is made out of wood, you can decorate the staircase with this lighting idea. Box shape flower wood lights are placed 5 feet on the wall of the staircase. These flower wood lights will add to the beauty of your home in a floral manner.

Star shaped lights: Star lights can be installed on the wall near the staircase. This staircase lighting needs to be in a star shaped design which will only let out the light from four small spaces. This Staircase lighting idea will ignite your home and make it look heavenly at night.

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How To Landscape A Front Yard

How To Landscape A Front Yard

Landscaping options for enhancing the front of the home abound. You can choose a formal look with a courtyard circling a fountain. Or you can go more natural, with a meandering pathway lined with native plants. You can even create a private space for outdoor entertaining. Whatever you decide, be sure to spend plenty of time determining the look you want and planning how to achieve it. With the help of a landscaping designer to guide you, you’ll be sure to get a front yard landscape you love.

How To Landscape A Front Yard

How To Landscape A Front Yard

Design The Driveway

The first step in landscape gardening is laying out the desired access paths to a home, as they highlight the entire design and shape of the front yard. The access paths serve as the driveway to be used by you and your guests for driving up to the front door. You can also have walkways for the front door and back door. Consider the shape and driveway paving, while designing the access path. You can have curvilinear or straight driveways and walkways. As for the driveway paving material, you can choose brick paver designs and patterns or granite and travertine patterns. For a fancy driveway, go for natural bluestone set in concrete.

Landscape Theme

How do you feel when you visit your front yard? Focus on the feeling it creates. Is this how you would like to feel? If not, then what is your idea to an ultimate landscaping for the front yard? To spruce up your ideas and intentions, add a dash to your landscape by devising a theme. If you would like to deliver a soft, ethereal feel to your garden, it’s time to have a rose garden or a herb garden planned. If creating a tropical rather ‘hard-hitting’ feel to your landscape is the idea, include desert plants and bushes. A theme could also incorporate variegated hues of plants or may consider sporting a custom shade throughout.

Add Plants & Shrubs

This area of landscape gardening will have ideas following through your mind. For the foundation planting, choose plants of mature height to avoid them growing above your windows. Evergreen shrubs are the best option to go for. Perennials are yet another option, as they bloom year after year and do not require much maintenance. People, who are wanting for a different and new look each year, can go for annuals that give a burst of color for just one season. Try using fruit or dogwood trees, since they are beautiful to look at and produce sweat calming scents. Line up flowerbeds along the sidewalk or pathway to the front door to accentuate the front yard. Colorful flowers in beds will make your home look friendlier and pleasurable.

Color Your Landscape Garden

Embellish your garden with colorful flowers, shrubs and trees. These beautify and add color and style to any front yard landscaping. To add a splash of color to your front lawn, try showy plants that produce red leaves. You can have trees and shrubs with colorful products like red berries or blue berries to adorn the front yard. These would make the entire space look lively and appealing.

Create Visually Pleasing Displays

Have a pond or a small limestone fountain for a peaceful addition, along with some bricks or stones, to form the border or foundation. A bird house or a bird bath can also make an attractive and interesting visually stimulating object. Have a separate place for sitting, such as benches, tables and accent pieces under a tree to create a warm comfortable look. Place few potted plants and shrubs around the benches to make a perfect outdoor place for family and friends.

Top 4 Christmas Weekend Getaway Ideas

As the Christmas season draws closer, most of the people start thinking about vacations. Christmas it’s time to get out of that mundane everyday routine and spend quiet moments with all of you near and dear ones and let them know how much they mean to you. It is the perfect occasion to get closer to your loved ones and allow them to have their share of your time. There are many destinations where you can go around Christmas, let down your hair and lose yourself within the fun. Just pick a destination according to your budget and other requirements, pack your bags and fly away. You may also check out the ideas for Christmas holiday vacation provided by us in this section.

For Christmas Cheer Rome, Italy

Holiday Packages for Christmas

Holiday Packages for Christmas

Heading to Rome during the Christmas season is a great way to see the city having a smaller portion of the tourist population around: that isn’t to say that the city is quiet. On the contrary, Rome is alive with general Buon Natale Christmas festivities. The Piazza Navona transforms into a big Christmas Market, in which you will be able to shop, watch street performances and drink coffee to prevent the slight chill from the December air. Midnight Mass in the Pantheon, followed by a trip to the Vatican on Christmas Day is a great way to take part in the rituals from the Roman Catholic faith, right at its spiritual headquarters. Although, sometimes, we simply want to step out of the traditional Christmas bubble and also have an experience that is different. No fear, here’s everything you need to make the most of Christmas Around The World.


The web is peppered with All-Inclusive Deals for Dubai over December. The juice will probably be worth the squeeze if you feel like a rest in a luxurious hotel, with flawless weather outside plus some of the craziest shopping around (a minimum of that’s one thing that will be Christmassy regarding your holiday). The town skyline is stuffed with the most oddly shaped, but marvellous kinds of modern architecture. It’s a part of the world to date removed from Western civilization, but you’re surrounded by water parks, malls, 5 star restaurants and hopping nightlife. It’s the Las Vegas of the Middle East.


Another deeply Catholic city, Seville makes its own at Christmas. Forget gaudy Santas and tinsel, Seville is one of the dreamy Christmas of bygone days: nativity scenes, chestnuts roasting, traditional markets, tasteful decorations and also the faithful in their Sunday best. Pair this using the finest cuisine and wine Andalusia is wearing offer. Come night time, the vibe leading up to Christmas is lively and joyous to say the least – expect this fantastic city to help keep you going until the small hours from the morning.

New York

The pound to dollar exchange rate may dull the benefit of New York as a festive shopping destination, but flights towards the Big Apple are still at very cheap and the city is as enchanting as always. Americans are quite big on Christmas lights and decorating their properties (putting it mildly), so that you can imagine what the most iconic city in the united states looks like over the December/January period – it hums and glows, Twenty-four hours a day. The festive season just increases the magic that is already there All year round. Head over to Rockefeller Centre for a prime illustration of New York’s Christmas charm, and also to Central Park for outdoor roller skating surrounded by the most famous skyline on the planet.