Easy Exercises You Can Do At The Office

Incorporating desk exercises into your Monday through Friday routine can help you stay fit even if you’re confined to your office all day. The best way to keep your body in shape is to squeeze physical activity in wherever and whenever you can. While you can’t makeover your body in simply Doing desk exercises alone, you can speed up the process and begin developing some muscle tone.

Shoulder Stretching

Office Exercise for the Whole Body

Office Exercise for the Whole Body

Shoulder pain is the most common problem for those who are having a long hours seating job. To prevent this stretching your shoulder is the easiest remedy you can do. In this, simply lift both your shoulders up together in a way that it seems like you are shrugging. Stay in the same position for about 5-10 seconds and then relax. Repeat the same for at least 10 times in one go.

Sitting side bends

It is very easy exercise that you can practice in your office hours. Simply sit at the edge of the chair, grabbing a one liter water bottle using both of your hands. Raise the bottle above your head keeping the hands straight. Now turn your torso to the right side as much as you can and stay in the same position for about 6 seconds and then come back to the normal position. Twist your torso to left side as far as you can, stay same for at least 6 seconds and then get back to the starting position. Continue the same for 6 times at a stretch. It is one of the best exercises to lose weight without putting hardly any effort.

Praying Posture

It is one of the best desk exercises. Sit straight on your chair with your feet lying flat on the ground. Bring both the arms close to your chest and place them in a way like we are praying i.e. like by joining both our hands. Now push the hands in the outward position, while keeping the palms together. Stay in this position for 20 seconds and then relax.

The Wall Sit

While performing this exercise you need to leave the chair. It will be best if there is a wall behind your desk and if not then you can go for a different wall to lean on for some minutes. In this, pretend you are sitting on a chair while leaning the back on the wall. Your feet must be placed away from the wall and your knees must be bent as like if you are sitting, and your buttocks must be in the air. Keep this up as long as possible.

Sitting Squats

Sitting Squats in front your chair and then lower your body in a squat position by keeping your legs hip width apart and bending the knees, with your arms raised in front. Now hover over the chair for at least 10 seconds and then return to the standing position. Repeat for 8-10 times at a stretch.

Palm Stretch

You can perform it either by sitting or standing. Sit straight with your arms extended in front of you and your palms facing up. Hold top of your right arm with the left hand and pull the fingers inward. Stay same for 30 seconds and relax. Continue the same with other arm. This will make one repetition. Repeat for 5-6 times at a stretch.

Effective Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Exercises You Can Try Today

Mindfulness exercises allow you to be able to identify, tolerate and reduce difficult, painful and even frightening thoughts, feelings and sensations. Mindfulness gives you back some sense of mastery over our thoughts and feelings. Rather than having the sense that you are being pushed around by your feelings and thoughts you learn to be able to have some agency over them.

Mindful Hand Awareness Exercise

Effective Meditation

Effective Meditation

Grasp your hands really tight and hold for a 5 to 10 seconds, then release and pay attention to how your hands feel. Keep your attention focused on the feeling for as long as you can.

Mental Focus Exercise

Stare at any object and try to remain focused on just that object for as long as possible. Keep a mental watch on when your mind starts to wander, then just bring it back to the object. The longer you can remain focused, the more your mindfulness will increase.

Tactile Exercise

Pinch your arm and pay close attention to how it feels and what your emotions begin doing. Pay attention to the pain it causes, and how it radiates out from the site where you pinch. This exercise can really tune you in to how your body deals with discomfort and what emotions rise. Do you get angry when you feel pain?

Melting Exercise

Sit and relax, and imagine yourself melting into everything around you. You might begin to feel at one with everything after some practice.

Candle Staring Exercise

Stare at a candle flame for ten minutes straight while studying everything you can about it. When your mind wanders, become aware of where it’s going, then bring it back to the candle flame.

Mindful Observation

This exercise is simple but incredibly powerful. It is designed to connect us with the beauty of the natural environment, something that is easily missed when we are rushing around in the car or hopping on and off trains on the way to work.

Choose a natural object from within your immediate environment and focus on watching it for a minute or two. This could be a flower or an insect, or even the clouds or the moon.

Mindful Listening

This exercise is designed to open your ears to sound in a non-judgmental way. So much of what we see and hear on a daily basis is influenced by our past experiences, but when we listen mindfully, we achieve a neutral, present awareness that lets us hear sound without preconception.

Select a piece of music you have never heard before. You may have something in your own collection that you have never listened to, or you might choose to turn the radio dial until something catches your ear.

Close your eyes and put on your headphones. Try not to get drawn into judging the music by its genre, title or artist name before it has begun playing. Instead, ignore any labels and neutrally allow yourself to get lost in the journey of sound for the duration of the song. Allow yourself to explore every aspect of track. Even if the music isn’t to your liking at first, let go of your dislike and give your awareness full permission to climb inside the track and dance among the sound waves.

Top 4 Standing Ab Moves For Flat Stomach

A standing abs workout is a great starting place for people who are looking to build core strength. These exercises emulate many abdominal exercises where you are lying flat out on your back, but because you are standing the leverage is different and the movements are easier.

The standing exercises are meant for engaging your whole body. They provide more results than crunches. You just need to make sure that you do all these exercises with great care so that you get the total advantage.

Knee Cross Crunch

Standing Ab Exercises

Standing Ab Exercises

This is an extremely effective body weight exercise that can help you get rid of an excessive amount of fat in your belly. Most of the certified trainers believe that you can get immediate results if you do this exercise every day with full attention. You need to develop a perfect coordination and balance in your body while doing this exercises for stomach.

Side Imprint

No standing exercises for your stomach can be complete without side imprint. You need to touch your right knee with your right elbow joint and vice versa. This creates an ideal muscular condition where you can burn the extra amount of fat from your body and help you get a flatter belly. You can reduce fat to a considerable limit from your belly, thighs, and waist areas as well.

Standing Pike Crunch

Stand upright with feet together. Lift both arms in the air & bring them down to waist-level where they meet with one foot, lifted up as high as you can – without using momentum to swing it upwards and without pain. Stick with just one leg throughout the entire 45 second interval and then switch to lift the opposite leg in the next segment. This requires a crunch at the torso, and work from your core in order to maintain balance as you lift that single leg up and teeter on one foot.

Jumping oblique twist

This one raises your heart rate and calorie burn, all while engaging your obliques. You will also feel this one in your thighs and glutes. If you need to stop and take a break, do it, but make sure that you get right back to the exercise as soon as your lungs allow.

Best Swim Fins

How to Choose The Best Swim Fins

Swim training fins have many useful benefits, including use in physical rehabilitation, aqua aerobics, fitness swimming and competitive training. Using a smaller training fin provides added resistance without overloading the muscles joints, ligaments and tendons used in water exercise. Many fitness and competitive swimmers use long scuba/snorkel fins as a training aid. Because the center of effort in a long fin is forward of the foot, the excessive blade area and displaced center of effort may cause early fatigue or cramping, and encourage a “pedaling” motion different than that used in a flutter kick. The concept of the short training fin was conceived to bring the center of effort back to the foot, increase leg strength, and allow a swimmer to train with a kicking motion that is the same as the flutter kick without a fin.

Best Swim Fins

Best Swim Fins

Training Fins

  • The length of the fin blade has a big impact on how it will affect a workout. The longer the blade, the more resistance there will be in the water. That means that the legs have to work harder, but that the swimmers also kicks at a slower rate. Each fin blade length serves a slightly different purpose, explained below.
  • Short fins create resistance in the water while forcing the swimmer to use a faster kick, making them ideal for freestylers and backstrokers. Short fins also help swimmers develop proper kicking tempo and technique. Most lap swimmers or swimmers on swim teams use these short “Zoomer” style fins.
  • Notched fins (fin blades with a V-cut) are also intended for serious swimmers, as they mimic the natural path of the foot through the water. Most notched fins have the same short blade that promotes proper kicking technique.
  • Mono fins and breaststroke fins are rarely used, but certainly have their benefits. Mono fins force swimmers to keep their feet together as they kick, enforcing correct butterfly/dolphin kick movements. Breaststroke fins are curved and allow swimmers to execute a correct breaststroke kick (impossible with traditional straight fins) while increasing resistance.
  • The stiffer the fin blade, the more resistance it will provide. While this sounds appealing to those who want to increase leg strength, it also leads to a slower, ineffective kick without fins. Softer fin blade material provides a more natural movement through the water.

Important Factors:

  • Activity: Different activities require different fins. What may be ideal for swimming may not work for diving.
  • Expertise: Some types of fins may be perfect for experts, but very uncomfortable for beginners.
  • Location: While some could be suitable for tropical areas, they may not be appropriate in cold regions where thermal protection is necessary.
  • Comfort: What is the point of buying a swim fin if you are not comfortable using it? It is supposed to improve your performance. Certain styles may not be comfortable for some people.
The Benefits of Using A Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Benefits of Using A Recumbent Exercise Bike

A recumbent exercise bike is able to place a rider in a lean-back recline position. Many consumers purchase recumbent bikes due to their excellent ergonomic design and health benefits. The ergonomics of this bike allow its riders to distribute weight comfortably over a larger area of dispersion for additional support to the buttocks and back. A traditional exercise bike places tremendous strain and pressure on a condensed portion of the users lower back, which will result in an uncomfortable ride and detrimental health effects. Studies prove that recumbent exercise bike users are not only able to workout for longer periods of time, but they are also much less likely to feel any ill effects from the workout. It goes without says that recumbent exercise bikes clearly have their advantages.

Benefits of Using A Recumbent Bike:

The Benefits of Using A Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Benefits of Using A Recumbent Exercise Bike

There are many benefits to working out on a recumbent bike. Seeing as they are one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment in gyms and fitness centers, having one at home that you can use whenever you want is a great for anyone wanting to get into shape. We have outlined the benefits in detail below.

Targeting More Muscles

Whether you are using an upright bike or a recumbent bike, cycling helps you build muscles in your thighs, lower legs and buttocks. Cycling also helps you build more lean body mass. Since the recumbent bike places your legs in a different position than with an upright bike, however, they target these muscles in a slightly different way. Therefore, the recumbent bicycle allows you to target different muscles and, according to some research, more muscles than an upright bike. Using a stationary recumbent bike in combination with an upright bike when pedaling outdoors is a great way to ensure you are targeting all of the muscles in your legs.

Safety and Comfort

Recumbent cycling is safer than upright cycling due to a larger seat, back support and lower height. According to the article in “Clinical Biomechamics,” the use of a recumbent bicycle provides advantages for muscle and cardiovascular training in patient groups with impaired mobility. The larger seat, back rest and semireclining position is more comfortable than a traditional small bicycle seat with an upright posture.

Increases Strength

Since the muscles of the lower body; legs, thighs and buttocks, are used more lean muscle mass is built. You will also notice that your lower extremities will gain strength and is often used for rehabilitation to help elderly recover sitting to standing and stepping up movements.

Extending Your Workout

Since the recumbent bike is more comfortable and generally easier to use than the upright bike, you are more likely to stick to your workout routine when you use a recumbent bike. You are also more likely to workout for a longer period of time. After all, if you are experiencing pain in your back and butt, you are not likely to continue pedaling. You are also less likely to jump on the bike again the next day or later in the week. By keeping your body comfortable and pain-free, you are far more likely to push yourself and to stick with your new exercise routine.

7 Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

Cardiovascular exercise will help you lose weight fast from your body. You must perform cardiovascular exercise regularly to get good results, and you can even do other activities, such as playing with your children, home improvement, gardening, daily house work and gym. The main thing is that you must stick to your workout plan to help with your weight loss. Some types of cardio exercise are just better at raising one’s metabolism, burning calories and jump starting weight loss.

7 Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

7 Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss


Swimming is yet again, a great alternative to running for those who have joint problems or who want to switch things up in their exercise routine. Like rowing, swimming is a full body workout and just 30 minutes of laps could burn up to 350 calories, depending on your pace.


This exercise does not require much explanation. Just be sure to jog at a pace you are comfortable with and make sure you have proper footwear to minimize the potential for blisters or other common issues related to jogging.

Stationary Bike

The exercise bike can help you burn tons of calories and tone your legs. When working out on a stationary bike, the trick is to make sure you have the machine set with enough resistance. This way, you won’t pedal yourself off the bike, but you’ll also be able to sprint when necessary, which can make for a great interval workout.

Elliptical Machine

Set the machine at a level you are comfortable with and continue at your own pace but make sure you’re working hard enough to burn adequate calories. Short 30-60 seconds high intensity intervals work amazing with this exercise also and will really make you sweat big time! Allow yourself three to five minutes to cool down.


Find a pickup game or just shoot baskets alone. Try to find a full court and be sure to be on the move constantly running to each end of the court using both baskets.


Running is an Excellent cardio exercises because all you need is a pair of quality running shoes. Running burns serious calories. A 145 LB person can easily burn 300 calories in 30 minutes.

Jumping Rope

This is one of the simplest, yet most effective exercises one can do. In just 15 to 20 minutes, jumping rope will give you an unparalleled total body pintworkout. Jumping rope is ideal for cardiovascular endurance and enhances performance in virtually any sport – tennis, basketball, football, skiing, volleyball and more. This simple exercise is also great for eye-hand coordination, lateral movement, foot and hand speed and agility.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Match Schedule: Now Available

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is going to be played in Australia and New Zealand from February 14th to March 29. The tournament features 14 teams that are divided into two groups of seven each. An overall total number of 49 matches is going to be played in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 in 14 venues across New zealand and australia.

Each of the seven teams in a pool play the other team once. The very best four teams in each pool use to the quarter-finals which begins the knock-out stage from the tournament. The final of the ICC World Cup 2015 is going to be held at MCG around the 29th of March.

The ICC World Cup 2015 would be the 11th edition of the Cricket World Cup that was first held in 1975. This is actually the second time after 1992 that Australia and New Zealand are hosting the Cricket World Cup.

The 14 nations happen to be divided into two groups – Pool A and Pool B. Within the Pool A, the teams are England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nz, Afghanistan and Scotland while Pool B features South Africa, India, Pakistan, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Ireland and Usa of Emirates. The group matches should be scheduled to be played till March 15.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule: All Match Fixtures and finish Time Table of Cricket World Cup 2015:

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule

Tickets Booking Procedure

Tickets for your opening ceremony of ICC World Cup 2015 are available on official website of Governing body. You can purchase tickets by clicking on this link: buy tickets. ICC have mentioned online that tickets will not be distributed or designed for collection until November 2014. Tickets price and availability below here:

How To Treat Muscle Cramps Naturally

Treat Muscle Cramps

Treat Muscle Cramps

Leg cramps can be troublesome for many people, since almost 4 people out of ten experience these cramps at least thrice in a week. Be it during the day, while one is working or in the middle of the night, muscular leg cramps can strike any moment. The skeletal or voluntary muscles of the calf, thigh and arch of the foot are most vulnerable to painful episodes of cramping.

Some of the secondary factors include side effects of medications like diuretics, injury, pregnancy, nerve related disorder or excessive dehydration. There are a number of ways in which nocturnal or true cramps can be kept at an arms length.

Stay Hydrated

Water not only helps to keep our organs functioning properly but also flushes out chemicals and toxins. As some leg cramps can be caused by the build-up of minerals or medications in our bloodstream, it should come as no surprise that increasing fluid intake can be crucial when it comes to their removal.

Move Your Body

Aerobic exercise helps improve circulation, a common factor behind the development of leg cramps. While there is no question that exercise can be helpful when it comes to health promotion, those with leg cramps may want to schedule their activity late in the day.


To prevent the sudden bout of contractile muscle activity, mainly in the leg region, massage the affected muscle area. Poor circulation is one of the factors responsible for muscle spasms. Thus, massage helps the muscles heal at a decent pace and prevent further cramp attacks.

More Sources of Potassium

Apart from bananas, there are many other sources of potassium. Therefore, even if bananas are not available, you can consume grapes, cabbage, tomatoes, avocado, corn and pork. All these are vital resources of potassium. Consume any item of your liking so that it will be easier for you to eat them.

Use Lotion

Massage your legs with lotion to get quicker results. Deep Heat is one lotion that many people use regularly. It circulates the blood flow in the legs.
The circulation automatically leads to the normalcy for the blood veins. Use the lotion liberally on the parts of the legs, where the intensity of the cramps is at its peak.

Indian Super League

Indian Super League Football Championship 2014

The Hero Indian Super League 2014 match 12th October 2014, will be started on this day and ending of the league on 20 December 2014.Indian super leagues 2014 Total 8 teams are selected for that tournament .Indian super leagues 2014 match all teams are chosen based on the Indian city name.This is Indian super leagues 2014 football league that is held in India. Indian super leagues 2014 This is the 2 months long league and 61 matches are played, every day 1 match will be played in the Indian Stadium.

Indian Super League

Indian Super League

This is the football league which is locked in India.Mostly Indian players are took part in this League.This is the first season from the Indian Super league that is founded on 21 December 2013. This is the 2 months long league and 66 matches are played, every day 1 match will be took part in the Indian Stadium. This football league the lover or fans of football in India tend to be more so this is held first time for Indian football lovers they can watch Indian players how to play football match on television.

Indian Super League (ISL) 2014 Fixtures

The Indian Super League (ISL) 2014 Fixtures will be announced shortly but there are some basic information which we are able to give you. The Indian Super League (ISL) 2014 Fixtures is going to be held between 12th October 2014 to 20th December 2014. These matches will be conducted between this dates and please stay tuned in for other updates.

Indian Super League (ISL) 2014 Teams

Here we will be providing you the Indian Super League (ISL) 2014 Teams which is a part of this football league asia. There are total 8 teams that are Atletico De Kolakata which is aming the first team of ISL 2014 teams then it’s Club Chennai, Delhi Dynamos FC, FC Goa, FC Pune City, Kerela Blasters FC, Mumbai City FC, NorthEast United FC are tge 8 teams which are likely to perform in the Indian Super League (ISL) 2014. Therefore we will also give you some details the owners of the team are some of the stars of Bollywood like Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, John Abraham. They are some of the stars who have won the bid and buy the teams.

Indian Super League 2014 Full Schedule:

indian super league schedule 2014

indian super league schedule 2014