Best 5 Sink Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Choosing the right bathroom sink involves a little more than just finding which one looks good. Sure, you would like your sink to plan your bathroom’s style plus some sinks, like vessel sinks, can in fact be the focal point of the bathroom. Before you make any buying decisions there are some things to consider.

Your scenario, relative to whether you’re building new, remodeling or simply replacing an old sink, will determine which direction to take when choosing a brand new bathroom sink.

Wall-Mounted Sink

Common in small bathrooms from the 1940’s and 50’s, the wall-mounted sink’s washbowl and plumbing pipes are affixed to the wall, freeing up the ground space underneath. It’s a great option for a retro or vintage-style bath in which the exposed pipes are an integral part of your overall design scheme. Wall-mount sinks are available in widths ranging from 11 inches up to 42 inches, with basins from 4 inches to 22 inches deep. As well as the extra space a wall-mount sink provides, you will also get the flexibility to place it at whatever level you choose to accommodate users of different heights. To compensate for the lack of under-sink storage cabinets, go for wall-mounted shelves and a narrow basket full of rolled-up towels on the floor.

Pedestal bathroom sinks

Wall-Mounted Sink

Wall-Mounted Sink

Pedestal bathroom sinks are somewhat related to the wall mounted variety for the reason that the sink basin is connected to the wall but rests on the pedestal that supports it from underneath. This is another type of bathroom sink that work well in small spaces since you shouldn’t have for a vanity. On the other hand, both pedestal and attached to the wall bath sinks don’t provide any storage space that you get with bathroom vanities.

Console Sink

If you need the extra space that a pedestal or wall-mounted sink provide but merely must have a place to park your toothbrush, a console sink might be your best option. A delicate compromise between zero storage along with a room-hogging vanity, a console sink mounts towards the wall, but is also supported by two to four slender legs. With counter area surrounding the basin and the choice of a shelf for extra storage below, this compact sink provides the best of both worlds. Even less-than-petite models can provide a small bath the illusion of airiness, because of those skinny legs.

Vessel sinks

Vessel sinks are a great choice if you want to make a design statement inside your bathroom. Resembling a large bowl that sits atop the countertop surface, vessel sinks are available in a wide variety of styles and materials. Tempered glass, stainless steel, stone, and art glass are only a few of the attractive materials available. To include even more interest to your vessel sink, possess a plumber install the faucet and handles towards the wall above the sink.

Toilet-Lid Sink

Last but not least, here’s a really small sink option that gives multiple benefits: a sink retrofitted on your toilet. The SinkPositive not only saves space on the floor, but is a win-win for the environment as well as your wallet. The unit works by re-routing clean water from the toilet’s supply line with the hands-free faucet. After you wash both hands, the soapy water then drains into the toilet bowl. The manufacturer claims by using normal use, you’ll conserve as much as two gallons of water per person every single day.