Birthday Gifts For Men

Personalized Expensive Birthday Gifts for Men

Birthday is such a special day for everyone and wish that we’ll get the best Expensive Birthday Gifts For Men from our loved ones. Expensive birthday gifts can be hundreds to many thousands of dollars depending on your definition of “expensive,” which gives you lots of options. Men who like expensive things typically have specific interests, such as fine wine or watches etc. Here below stated is the most expensive birthday gifts you can give a man for his birthday.

Here below stated is the most expensive birthday gifts you can give a man for his birthday.


Men love alcohol. If they are gifted with a bottle of fine wine or costly scotch, they will be ever so delighted. When you purchase a bottle of wine or alcohol, make sure that you also purchase good cut glasses which will be ideal for the time you share with each other sipping on fine wine and love in the air.

Gadgets & Gizmos

This is an all time favorite for a man. If he is gifted with an ipod or the latest phone his day is made. This is one of the Expensive birthday gifts you can give a man for his birthday for as the days go by, technology is improving along with the increase in price.


This is a wonderful manly accessory one can gift a man for his birthday. It is an ideal birthday gift and also and expensive gift for a man. You should know what type of watch brand he prefers to wear and go accordingly for his satisfaction. A vintage designer watch is the best choice to gift to your man.

Leather Wallet

It is an essential item for a man to hold all his expensive cards in. Get him a wallet that will best fit in his pant pocket. It is indeed an expensive birthday gift for a man as per the designer choice. Designer wallets is the latest fashion, alligator is an expensive and classy brand. Black and brown colors are the best.

Romantic Getaways

This is one of the Best birthday surprise ideas. Money might be tight, but you can still have a romantic time away from home if you plan ahead. Anticipate spending one night in a hotel, somewhere nearby, but far enough away that you have to drive for a bit to get there. You can even choose to stay in town and enjoy the nightlife, or go camping somewhere special. Top it all off with a sunset viewing before the stars come out.