Top 4 Christmas Weekend Getaway Ideas

As the Christmas season draws closer, most of the people start thinking about vacations. Christmas it’s time to get out of that mundane everyday routine and spend quiet moments with all of you near and dear ones and let them know how much they mean to you. It is the perfect occasion to get closer to your loved ones and allow them to have their share of your time. There are many destinations where you can go around Christmas, let down your hair and lose yourself within the fun. Just pick a destination according to your budget and other requirements, pack your bags and fly away. You may also check out the ideas for Christmas holiday vacation provided by us in this section.

For Christmas Cheer Rome, Italy

Holiday Packages for Christmas

Holiday Packages for Christmas

Heading to Rome during the Christmas season is a great way to see the city having a smaller portion of the tourist population around: that isn’t to say that the city is quiet. On the contrary, Rome is alive with general Buon Natale Christmas festivities. The Piazza Navona transforms into a big Christmas Market, in which you will be able to shop, watch street performances and drink coffee to prevent the slight chill from the December air. Midnight Mass in the Pantheon, followed by a trip to the Vatican on Christmas Day is a great way to take part in the rituals from the Roman Catholic faith, right at its spiritual headquarters. Although, sometimes, we simply want to step out of the traditional Christmas bubble and also have an experience that is different. No fear, here’s everything you need to make the most of Christmas Around The World.


The web is peppered with All-Inclusive Deals for Dubai over December. The juice will probably be worth the squeeze if you feel like a rest in a luxurious hotel, with flawless weather outside plus some of the craziest shopping around (a minimum of that’s one thing that will be Christmassy regarding your holiday). The town skyline is stuffed with the most oddly shaped, but marvellous kinds of modern architecture. It’s a part of the world to date removed from Western civilization, but you’re surrounded by water parks, malls, 5 star restaurants and hopping nightlife. It’s the Las Vegas of the Middle East.


Another deeply Catholic city, Seville makes its own at Christmas. Forget gaudy Santas and tinsel, Seville is one of the dreamy Christmas of bygone days: nativity scenes, chestnuts roasting, traditional markets, tasteful decorations and also the faithful in their Sunday best. Pair this using the finest cuisine and wine Andalusia is wearing offer. Come night time, the vibe leading up to Christmas is lively and joyous to say the least – expect this fantastic city to help keep you going until the small hours from the morning.

New York

The pound to dollar exchange rate may dull the benefit of New York as a festive shopping destination, but flights towards the Big Apple are still at very cheap and the city is as enchanting as always. Americans are quite big on Christmas lights and decorating their properties (putting it mildly), so that you can imagine what the most iconic city in the united states looks like over the December/January period – it hums and glows, Twenty-four hours a day. The festive season just increases the magic that is already there All year round. Head over to Rockefeller Centre for a prime illustration of New York’s Christmas charm, and also to Central Park for outdoor roller skating surrounded by the most famous skyline on the planet.