Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Christmas 2015

Christmas is celebrated with great zeal and passion in many counties of the world. Celebrated on December 25th every year, this day commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the father of Christianity. As this is the biggest celebrations in any Christian family, the entire home is decorated like a palace this day. Christmas tree, feast, dance, champagne, gifts and twinkling lights are inevitable parts of Christmas celebrations. The colors of joy, passion and enthusiasm also adore a Christmas celebration venue. Apart from the virtual colors of joy and fervor, the vivacious decoration of the Christmas celebrations makes it a bright, vivacious and dazzling festival. The decorations for Christmas are incomplete without a proper lighting.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas lights that you put up outdoors are very important. These lighting ideas makes your house look festive from outside. Usually the houses within a locality compete with each other for putting up the best outdoor Christmas lights. It is not necessary that the family that spends a lot of money gets the best Outdoor Christmas decorations. It is your lighting ideas that matter. If you can think of some really creative ways to put of Christmas lights outdoor, you need not spend an extravagant amount of money. In fact, the rope lights, fairy lights and props from last years’ stock too can be used imaginatively to make your house look grand.

Most often, people use themes like Christmas candy, Santa Claus and snow man to devise their lighting ideas. You too must ensure that you drive home the ‘Christmas’ feeling in your decorations. Lights are a very beautiful tool to express your creativity. You too can express and spread your happy festive mood while decorating with lights.

Christmas Lighting Ideas:

  • The most common color combinations appropriate for the Christmas season include red, green and copper lights that denote festivity; blue and green lights for more subdued arrangements; novelty combinations such as blue and red lights; and mauve, blue and copper lights.
  • While you can use a combo of as many as five colors for coniferous trees, use not more than three colors for deciduous trees.
  • Any color of light used with white does not show itself well, so if are planning to use white lights, stick to the monochromatic scheme.
  • Use low watt bulbs for strings and indoor light decoration but you will need high watt bulbs for outdoor decorations and lights that will be viewed from a distance.
  • Dip the socket end of the light bulb in petroleum jelly before fitting it into the socket string. This will prevent corrosion in the socket and will make it easier to pull out the bulb from it later.
  • Tape all connections well with electrical tape to avoid short-circuits.
  • Lights installed on the trees to keep up with its growth look quite graceful.
  • Do not try to climb the branches of the tree you want to decorate. Use stepladder instead.
  • Work on the tree from top to bottom and from inside to outside for ease of work and safety purposes.

Christmas Light Decoration Ideas 2014

Christmas lighting style are available in several different types, and you will be confused if you visit a store promoting these lighting style. There is a primary circular shaded lights that have been used typically, but then there are lots of elegant types available these days. This seasons preferred appear to be the beautiful lights, which are actually formed circular like black pearls and given a shiny gloss by themselves external area to create them seem a lot more. Heart formed lights are still present, and you’ll also find more thematic Christmas lighting style for example those formed in the form of icicles, sweets, in addition to mom and mistletoe!

Use All of Your Landscaping

When many people start putting together their outside Christmas lighting plans, they appear at the trim of their home and also the largest tree in the front yard because the obvious items to decorate. Make use of all of your landscaping options when decorating your yard. If you have a two-tiered lawn, for instance, maximize it. Place light-up outdoor Christmas buildings at the base tier and Santa Claus with his sleigh and reindeer on the upper tier to make it look like Santa is flying within the village. Decorate the shrubs that line your driveway or sidewalk with programmable LED lights and have them change color and patterns to give a unique look to your front walk.

Outdoor Christmas Light Decoration Ideas

Outdoor Christmas Light Decoration Ideas

Flood Lights

Turn on flood lights to spotlight and add color for your outdoor Christmas light display. Use energy-efficient bulbs to keep your electricity bill down. Point green or red flood lights at your house ., or highlight yard decorations that don’t have lighting built into them with a soft white flood light. You can also purchase an exterior projector to project holiday images in your home or in the snow in your front yard.

Wash Your Windows

Hanging Christmas lights on the outside of your windows will show off whatever is within, and on, your windows. Clean your windows before you decide to put your Christmas lights up, and wash the shutters on each side of your windows if you have them. If you don’t want people to be able to see to your home, close your curtains.

Column Candy Canes

Sometimes the simplest of outdoor Christmas light decorating ideas can be the most effective. If you have white columns in your front porch, clean them and wrap them in red lights to create candy canes. If your porch columns aren’t white, then you can either alternate red and white lights, or you can wrap the column in white vinyl before putting on the red lights.

Hanging Lights around the Front Eves

When decorating for Christmas, make sure to hang lights on the house. The clear C9 bulb is easily the most common decoration and is obtainable in a variety of colors. We can provide any color combination that you might like.

This home is decorated with clear C9 lights around the front eves. Clear lights are an easy, yet elegant choice for lights. Notice the way the outdoor Christmas lights make clean transitions between eves and electrical cords are hidden from sight.

The popular icicle lights look great on homes with flat eves and few peaks. LED lights are a bit more expensive, but they are much more durable; they are essential for icicle lights.

Different color combinations may be used to decorate your home. This house is decorated with clear, red, and green C9 lights. Light colors that reflect the tones of your property always enhance the beauty of the vacation display.

Rather than alternating colors every bulb, the lights about this home alternate between red, blue, green, and amber every three bulbs. This provides the exterior Christmas lights a distinctive look and can be very fun.