Christmas Party Games for Children 2014

Christmas party games for children will add to the magic of the holidays and keept your young guests entertained and happy. Here are some suggestions for new twists on old favorites.

Christmas Pictionary

Get the children in groups. Have one child from each group visit the adult in the centre of the room. The adult whispers towards the chosen children a christmas word for example ‘angel’, the children then go back to their groups and have a go at drawing an angel. All other children within the group have to guess what continues to be drawn. As soon as a child guesses correctly, another child from that group would go to the adult and gets another word. And so on. The winning group is the first group to guess all words out there correctly.

Christmas Games for Kids

Christmas Games for Kids

Reindeer Run

Get the children to put a bit of petroleum jelly on their noses. Give each child a red circle to use their nose. Now you’ll have lots of little reindeers. Have the children take part in races and relays as reindeers and find out who can get the furthest before the nose falls off. When the nose falls off, the kids have to stop where it fell.

Fish for a star

Before the party, create a fishing line using a broom stick and some string, place a magnet around the end of the string. Make some cardboard stars (or get the children to make their own) and hook a paper clip over each star. Get the kids to take it in turns to get the stars using the fishing pole magnet that you follow the paperclips.

Fun with Candy Canes

Play “Pass the Candy Cane.” Divide children into two teams, and give every child a candy cane. Let them know to hold it between their fingers, holding the hook upside down. Have them form two straight lines. Hook a candy cane around the first child in each line’s cane and instruct these to pass the cane down the line. The team that makes it to the end from the line without dropping the cane wins. You may also use the candy canes as fish hooks. Fill two buckets with toys and candy. Players will have to use a candy cane to hook the objects and lift them in the bucket.

Christmas Cookie Time

Instead of a gift exchange, consider holding a cookie swap at the party. Have children bring two dozen of their favorite Christmas cookies, preferably homemade. Set each plate of cookies up for grabs and let guests pick from each plate. Provide plates and cellophane to wrap the cookies in. You can also blindfold each child and feed them a cookie, asking to identify what type of cookie it’s. Before you do so, make sure you are aware of any allergies guests might have.

Wrapping Paper Games

Have a relay race to see which team can unwrap probably the most presents in the shortest period of time. Wrap several empty cereal boxes and divide them into two piles. Have two teams line up. The first person in each line runs towards the pile of boxes, grabs one, unwraps it and discards the paper. The paper must land in the trash can. The first person then runs to his team and passes the unwrapped to another player. The player runs, unwraps a box and runs back. The sport continues until no boxes remain. Teams may also have a contest to see who are able to wrap up a teammate like a present the fastest. Read more>>