Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling a kitchen can be a stressful affair since there are a host of products that need to be considered from the wall and cabinet paints towards the counter spaces, storage cabinets and also the garbage disposal system. With a smaller kitchen the issues are compounded since the limited space not only needs to accommodate your everyday items but also look elegant too. Including the elements of functionality, comfort with fabulous kitchen designs could be a tricky affair. However, using these small kitchen remodeling ideas, your tiny apartment kitchen will now be a delight to work in.


The layout of the kitchen is an important feature within the remodeling project. Incorporating the triangular working model is a good idea. This allows the stove, the refrigerator and also the sink to be placed in such a way that fewer steps have to be taken while working in your kitchen. This could include placing a tropical or a butcher block for added storage and preparation space. While deciding the layout keep in mind the ventilation points and also the lighting.

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

It might be the most obvious answer, but wearing a new coat of paint or changing the colour scheme all together can do wonders to have an outdated kitchen. Painting the cabinets is a quick and inexpensive method to give your kitchen a facelift. Years of daily use, coupled with the grease and grime that accumulates from cooking, could make your cabinets look dull and worn. A great coat of paint may have all cheap kitchen cabinets appearing like new.

You won’t find a cheaper kitchen remodeling solution than heading to your nearest home improvement store and purchasing one or two gallons of paint and some brushes. Any local painter would obviously be willing to handle the job if you’re unsure how to paint cabinets, but all you really need may be the idea, cheap supplies along with a little bit of elbow grease. For a quick how-to guide for painting kitchen cabinets, check out the Best Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets.

Dining Area

Instead of a large dining table, go for a small corner table or a drop table. Or you can leave out tables from your scheme and set in a built-in wall counter, or develop a table-height food preparation counter and double it as being an eating area. Get smaller little appliances. Install a larger sink, so it’s easier to wash.

Add Swing-Out Cabinets

A great and inexpensive way to add more storage towards the kitchen is by installing swing-out cabinets. Everyone has those deep cabinets with foods we didn’t even know existed, but swing-out cabinets brings all of our goods right in front of our eyes. Swing-out cabinets may also greatly declutter one of the busiest rooms in your house. This option has gained popularity for corner cabinets, but any cabinet could be altered with some rails, new wood and additional nails.

Replace or Add Kitchen Backsplash

Among the hottest kitchen updates these past few years has undoubtedly been the backsplash. Rather than painting their entire kitchen or even attaching wallpaper, homeowners are choosing to highlight the area above their sink or stove because the premier spot of their kitchen.

The backsplash for any kitchen is designed to protect the wall from splashes, grease and common cooking stains. There are plenty of methods to protect the area, but developing a backsplash can be attractive and quick. While attaching a tile backsplash could possibly get expensive, there are other cheaper options for example glass, porcelain, ceramic, pegboards, vinyl or wood.