Top 7 Healthy foods to reduce body heat

Top 7 Healthy foods to reduce body heat

Body heat is a common health problem for many people these days. Body heat is also known as heat stress. The body cannot cool itself and this causes several health problems like internal organs damage, heat cramps, heat rashes, pimples, dizziness and nausea.

It is very important to stay hydrated. Water flushes out toxins from the body and provides a cooling effect. Apart from drinking water, you must also include some healthy and cooling foods that reduces body heat.

Top 7 Healthy foods to reduce body heat

Top 7 Healthy foods to reduce body heat


Other than mangoes, if one waits for summertime, it is for the red and juicy fruits- the sweet and watery watermelons. Dig into a slice in the middle of the day to get some extra water, fiber and a good dose of vitamins A and C. Apply some crushed watermelon on your face too for all round cooling.

Water therapy

When you first come down with excessive body heat, as immediately as possible, drink a large glass of cold water. Then take a half bucket of cold water and add some ice cubes if possible. Afterwards, immerse your feet in the bucket. Keep soaking for 15-20 minutes.


Cardamom is a spice that is known for its cooling effects. Boil a pod of cardamom in two cups of water and sieve and cool the water. Drink it up at regular intervals to reduce body heat.

Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon, just like watermelon, is loaded with water. It is also rich in potassium along with being a low calorie fruit. Either have slices of the melon, or combine it with some chilled milk and sugar to make a refreshing cold drink.


This summer food is very rich in water and effective in providing cooling effect to the body. Have cucumber ever day to reduce body heat naturally.


Apart from being water-rich, this vegetable is a rich source of Vitamin C, an antioxidant that lowers body heat. Radishes also has anti-inflammatory properties which is effective for fighting heat stress.

Butter & Buttermilk

Take one glass of warm milk and mix two tablespoons of clarified butter. Drink this regularly. You can follow this if you do not have cholesterol related problem. Also, you can drink a glass of buttermilk in summer season which can reduce the unnecessary body heat.