Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

Though the temptation to stay inside in the wintertime is always strong, it’s worth wrapping up and hitting the great outdoors to determine what winter delights you’ll find. From rainy days to snow and sunshine, there are many innovative ideas to educate, entertain and inspire this winter.

Treasure Hunts and Tag

Treasure hunts will also be a great way to get the neighborhood kids running around. See if they can’t find certain items round the neighborhood. If it’s really snowy, you may can get them to identify certain neighborhood items under that white blanket. Or send the children out for a game of tag or capture the flag. Giving them a reason to run around will keep them warm and happy through the winter months.

Go Ice Skating

Winter Activities for Kids

Winter Activities for Kids

Nothing says the holiday season like bundling up the kids, lacing around the skates, and taking a spin around the ice. Most cities have annual ice rinks that open when the winter season hits. Take the family out for a day downtown and finish it up by showing your moves on the ice and getting the family running around.

Winter sports

You may already be making plans for skiing and/or snowshoeing trips, but even though you aren’t, I’m pretty sure you will make time to perform some sledding. You can always spice up this simple pleasure with a few unique twists. Help your children formulate their own family “Olympic” winter games with awards for fastest speed, farthest distance, quantity of trips backwards, etc. Prizes could be simple certificates placed on the fridge for repeat viewing.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are picking up in popularity, and resorts are speckled across the country. Get out and active by going to the mountains where you can practice your talent on the slopes and then hit the clubhouse for many hot chocolate and good conversation at the end of a long, jam-packed day of activity.

Snowpeople Plus

As the first few snowmen of the year are certainly exciting to create, by the middle of winter, the piles of frosty white stuff might not hold the same appeal because it did in mid-December. Bust the boredom of the same old outdoor winter snowman by sculpting another subject. Develop a snowwoman, snow animals, dinosaurs or objects such as cars or trains within the snow. If your child is having trouble sculpting the snow freehand, try using themed cake or gelatin molds. Fill the molds with snow, turn on them and release for a cool and crafty snow sculpture.

Winter rounders

A great game for those sunny, blue-skied winter days – rounders will give you plenty of fun for all the family. You can set new rules for example jogging/skipping or hula-hooping on the spot at each base or doing laps down and up the park for any spectators. This will add a new element of fun towards the game and more importantly, keep everyone warm! Have a big flask of cocoa plus some snacks as a treat at the end.