Diwali Decorations Ideas for Home 2014

Hindu festival called Diwali or known by many as the festival of lights, takes place during the months of October to mid-November. It’s celebrated to mark the victory or god within the evil. It marks your day of Lord rama ‘s re-entery to ayodhya after killing evil king Ravana. This five-day celebration is gifted with India’s rich culture and significant religious beliefs. All throughout this momentous occasion Hindus and tourists alike can enjoy the different ways of celebrating Diwali.

Beautiful Diwali Home Decorations

Diwali Home Decorations

Diwali Home Decorations

Diwali is known for its sparkling beauty in darkness due to the lighting decors and items. People use different diwali decoration what to make the arrangements even more captivating. See how Diwali decor can be beautiful because this one.

Flowers Decoration

Take clay or metal pot, fill some water in it and put some flowers and candles in it. This is the most used idea in homes. Actually I keep one such pot inside my home year-round. This year I’m going to put some freshly sliced fruits for the reason that vessel. If it sounds crazy for you and you like flowers, then decorate your home with some exotic flowers. You may also make some wall hangings of flowers or use flower garlands instead of curtains. Just don’t go OTT or your home may end up looking like a bride or groom’s home. You can also use flowers to make Rangolis.


Candles are equally important, when it comes to the home décor for Diwali. Make use of aroma candles for the interiors of your home. Cylindrical candles can satisfy the requirements for your windowsill, balcony and staircase. In the entrance way, arrange a variety of diyas and candles, to welcome your guests and Goddess Lakshmi.

Electric Lamps

While candles and diyas possess a special place in the list of decorative items for Diwali, electric lamps also have gained popularity. Brighten up your rooms by using decorative chandeliers. Make use of lanterns for that backyard or lobby. You might hang string of colorful LED lights at the entranceway. Lamps come in various shapes and sizes. Buy a quantity of these to brighten up your home this Diwali.


This Diwali, decorate your home with torans (hangings). Make use of mango leaf toran for that main door of your home, because mango leaves are considered auspicious for the occasion. You may also hang ‘shubh laabh’ hangings at the door. You can utilize torans made of fresh flowers or garlands for the purpose. Door hangings adorned with bells or mirror would look great.


This one is the most important part of Diwali in every home. There are a lot of designs that may be made using traditional patterns and colors. Go chic this year and allow your imagination run wild. Make your rangoli while using trendy polka dots in pop colours. If you like graffiti then incorporate some of that in your rangolis. Use some sparkles, sequins, rhinestones etc. to include some shimmery glam towards the rangoli. You can make a rangoli using sticky tapes of various shades.

Indoor Plants Decor

Include some jingle-bells to Diwali. Get some indoor plants and decorate them the right path to give a Christmas-y twist to your home. Experiment with various patterns of vases or simply take the good ole clay pots and employ your art and craft skills to create them.